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Meet Shenzhen Dreaming Hirayama

Into along

August 7, 2015, Chang An Secondary School (2) classes of 45 students entered the line of Along Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen. He entered the meeting room, listening to the profile of the company Zhang introduction, 1,200 employees and an annual output value

Billions of dollars, first, growth-oriented small and medium Shenzhen 500 industrial enterprises, the state high-tech enterprises ...... a string of stunning figure, a key to make the public impressed honor DVD world, even our students are Zhang Xiaoping under the leadership of Mr. accomplished. Listening presentation, let us understand the company along Group Electronics industry, real estate, financial services and other diverse frame construction, see the prospect along flourishing, could not help but sense of innovation Xiaoping students and advance the development of vision in awe. Later, we went into the workshop, witnessed the dedicated staff. Whether coming and going, they do not curious, do not look up, still silently working; although noisy, they calm water, eyes, mind, are on the board. In the workshop, the staff is the company's image - cow endorsement, hard-working, athletic dedication.


Approaching flat

"At the same table to the touch", the first interactive classes will begin. Students 27 years respectively, just to meet inevitable that some rusty, Zhang Xiaoping students are no exception. "Touch, touch, touch the arm!" I saw him slowly left their seats, turn back the body,

Fists clenched frame in the chest, watching his elbow touched the same table. Such interactive obviously too cautious, perhaps in the face of a sudden came to these students also squeamish, perhaps back to high school age that men and women accept not pro, but also feel shy.

"Please vividly show," second interactive Xiaoping students turn. Compared to the previous one, this time obviously had a shot at the students applause, and soon immersed in the atmosphere of the class will, into the group.

Review students, and students at the door Xiaoping cordial welcome, Bei Bei bottomed out at the dinner table, in the class meeting accessibility interactive pictures are still vivid, along Group Zhang in life or that honest and sincere Zhang Xiaoping students .

Society is a big stage, like actors playing different roles on the stage, like people in a different social status, engaged in different social and professional must have the appropriate personal behavior patterns that play different social roles. As along's boss, Zhang may be severe, maybe even domineering, it is the corporate responsibility. As a member of the students, Zhang Xiaoping exhibited shy, gentle, and even childish side, that is as a man of true feelings, his friendship to the students. He plays on the stage of their own social role, which is everyone's responsibility. (Read immediately above the crossbar in the following)

One message Activity

Junior high school life, we each student is an important part of life. The junior high school students, and is a very significant thing.

Yesterday,  in front of the shrine in Ann Wo, flat hill, where we leave the most  original footprints, sowed the seeds of pure friendship. Today, we live in different places, working at different jobs, family and work accounted for most of the time. We both householder, is the real protagonist of the community, we have more responsibility and play. Tomorrow, we have to forge ahead in the face of new challenges and meet new opportunities so that they go further. ⋯⋯ day after tomorrow, we will grow old, we will recall, it will pick up the best memories.

Events reflections bis

In the fast-paced society, many people are asking: Where did the time go? Three  decades, stroke, time fleeting, we have entered the fourth decade, the  dead time can not reverse, but our emotions there is the Enter key, the  students let us back thirty years ago . To  see a large number of students at the moment, faded camouflage of  society, but also showing the immediate scene thirty years ago, when our  traffic by taking the basic, basic communication by a roar, the basic  law and order by a dog, warm basic by shaking, although life bitter, but happy, fun. Listening  to the students and sincere greetings, watching the students happy  smile, open gates instant memories of thirty years ago Sentimental young  junior high school life spewing out bit by bit. Students, and value! True value!


Reflections of three activities

Years lengthy feelingly

Hirayama morning till evening a few years

Desire love bond

Spring cherished thirty-nine

Pengcheng gathered Meet smile

Egg lovelorn melancholy term workers

Bohua help Xiaoping to chip

V thousand cups of wine Total thoughts

Beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming in their prime

Available parting common

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