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Substation on-line monitoring system

SD cards include MTK series 1389L 1389J 1389R 1389RM, Sunplus series 8202R 8202D 8202S 8202C ...HD  cards MTK series such as: AL1389M-1A is 2CH / 5.1CH audio output board, is the company's new 2008 MTK digital chip decoding scheme, it is a  great advantage and cost-effective multi-functional high-definition  decoding scheme. With  MP4 (DIVX disc formats supported) without simulation DTS, with Dolby  AC3 decoding,support USB2.0,3 1 card reader, games, built-in  high-quality karaoke OK reverb, while supporting 5.1 channel output,  support CD Transcription  MP3 (currently limited to turn USB), support for 3D and EQ, support  Prologic II, power and memory support, electronic shock, Kara OK score,  support functions such as subtitles. HDMI  high definition video output, a substantial increase in image clarity, the picture is more delicate, more stable, resolution up to 720P /  1080P. Sunplus series such as: 8203R + HDMI-5AL to 2CH / 5.1CH audio output option  board, is the latest company in 2008 SUNPLUS digital full-height Listing  chip decoding scheme. Support MPEG4, without simulation DTS, Dolby AC3 decoding with built quality  Kara OK reverb, support USB2.0,3 1 card reader, supporting 8 game discs. HD  HDMI (720P, 1080P) digital audio and video output, HD picture decoding, support for dynamic high-definition (800 * 600), support for MP3  Chinese song display, support for "Internet movie" in English and other  language subtitles display, support for CD transcribed  MP3 function and MP3, MP4 disc replication, support for 3D and EQ, power and memory support, electronic shock, and other functions. HDMI  high definition video output, a substantial increase in image clarity,  the picture is more delicate, more stable, resolution up to 720P /  1080P. (Note: the 8203R chip swap for the 8253 chip supports DTS)Even  power integrated board MTK as AL1389J-1P is a home DVD player decode  board, built-in power panels, the main chip is MTK1389J. Video support CVBS, YUV, S-VIDEO output; audio support 2CH, 5.1CH analog output and optical, coaxial digital output. Support MP4 (including DIVX format discs), Dolby AC3 decoding, does not support analog DTS. Support USB2.0,3 8-in-1 card reader and game discs. Built Kara OK reverb, support 3D and EQ, Prologic II, power and memory,  electronic shock, subtitles and FLV file format playback. Supports CD-Ripping and copying files to the USB and card.Home Theater --- FM radio, optical fiber, 5.1-channel output, 2-channel external input, such as 1389J-T5AMini-portfolio machines --- FM radio, 2 channel output, two external inputs such as N1389VQ-A1With a combination of machines --- screen with TFT display, DVD Dudie, USB / SD, TV, radio, Kara OK and so versatile.

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